How can I sell my house quickly ?

We can help with that question !

Graham Howard Properties can help you with that concerning question, “how can I sell my house quickly?”

 Well, we buy all  kinds of property from houses to commercial properties. It does not matter if you have sitting tenants or a problem property, if you need to sell your property quickly and can’t afford the sale to fall through, get in contact. 

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Quick & discreet purchase

Can I really sell my house quickly?

Graham Howard Properties buy any property, so no matter the condition, area, age or size we will arrange a quick and fast purchase of your property taking away all the negative factors of marketing your house with a traditional estate agent. We purchase houses, flats, commercial buildings and portfolios. 

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We will deal with it all for you

Property valuations and contracts.

How do I sell my house to Graham Howard Properties. 

We will provide you with a free valuation report of your property and subject to your acceptance of an offer we will arrange a quick and straight forward purchase of your home. No need to ask an estate agent to “sell my house”. 


Sell my house

Why waste any more time ?

We provide a no fee service.

By using Graham Howard Properties you don’t have to deal with estate agents, no strangers looking through your home with no real results 6 months later. Nor do you need to ask people, can you sell my house? We’ll buy your home with out delay and there’s no fee for our services.

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We buy all kinds of properties houses, flats, HMO property, commercial properties and even whole portfolios.

Reasons why you would want to sell to Graham Howard Properties

No Middle man - we are the buyer
We work to your timescale
No obligation cash offer
There is no fees to pay
We buy all kinds of property in any condition
We keep things simple

I need to sell my house quickly can I sell my house to GHP?

Our business goal is to buy properties and once we have agreed a price for your property we can act fast to ensure you sell your property quickly. Sell your property to us is much faster then listing your property with an estate agent in Right Move.

“The most common question received is “can you sell my house fast?” We are not an estate agent nor sell property. However we can buy our your home fast” – Himat Bhakar, Director

Fast Sale

The most common question received is "can you sell my house fast?" We are not an estate agent nor sell property. However we can buy our clients homes fast, so that's what we do using a four our step process.

1. The property & valuation

Tell us all about your property, once we have a better understanding of the property we will provide you with a valuation report. The report will of course have the offer value and how and why we have come to that price. 

No Fee

2. Acceptance of valuation

If your happy with the value and report and would like to go ahead then just complete the acceptance form and get that back to us, the offer is valid for 30 days to ensure you don’t make any rash decisions and have had time to think our offer over. 

3. Formal offer

We will get a formal offer out to you, we will agree with you the timescales best suited for you, so if you need some time we can slow down the purchase to complete when your ready. 

4. Completion

We have built an amazing team of professionals that help us deliver for you.

Once all the legal stuff is completed our solicitors will transfer the funds directly to your solicitors account the same day. No need to google “sell my house”   

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