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Who are Graham Howard Properties?

Graham Howard Properties is a family run business, set up by two award-winning brothers Himat & Ken Bhakar. The name “Graham Howard Properties” stems from their childhood, as two of the streets they grew up on were Graham Road & Howard Road. By naming the company Graham Howard Properties, would act as a constant reminder of how important property can be to someone and their family, as both of the houses were to them. In most cases, a property is more of a home than a house. 

Recognising how important a home is and the memories it holds, Graham Howard Properties is the company that treats every case with respect and the humidity each situation deserves, its own individual focus and making sure they offer the correct solution to your individual case. 

Graham Howard Properties isn’t an Estate agent, lettering agent or broker. It is a property problem-solving company offering direct purchasing, full management and more. So any information provided to us will be for our use only and allows us to understand the property and your circumstance fully.


Not an estate agent

First and foremost Graham Howard properties always looks to purchase properties for its own investment and not act as an estate agent or broker. So any information you provide us with is for our own use only and allows us to fully understand the property and your circumstance. 

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Our Services - More then one solution

What makes Graham Howard properties different, and why should you choose to Speak to us? 

The different between Graham Howard Properties and other property companies or Estate agents is that we offer more than one option to your property concerns.  We understand that one solution doesn’t fit all. 

After speaking to landlords and homeowners, we noticed that there was mainly one property option offered to concerned property owners and that was to sell their property.  Although selling their property could be the right option for some people, it may not be a correct option for others. 

Graham Howard Properties can offer a straight forward purchase option. However, before doing so, we recommend you know all the options we can provide you with, before making your decision, so you have complete clarity, that the choice you make is the best one for you.  

What other options can provide?

1) Property Management Agreement (Rent to Rent) for Single or Portfolio of properties

Graham Howard Properties will manage the property, tenants and repairs for the landlord, offering a complete hands-off service.

2) Management Purchase Option Agreement (MPOA) for Single or Portfolio of properties 

Graham Howard Properties will agree a price for the property and complete in an agreed time period typically between 3-5 years. In between that time, Graham Howard properties will manage the property, tenants and repairs for the landlord, offering a complete hands-off service.

(Please see links above for further details on these options)

Here are some reasons you may consider another option other than a sale?

 Your property is in negative equity.

 You want to keep your property, however, don’t have the time or resources to manage your property.

 You need to renovate your property to be able to let it and don’t have the funds.

 If you sell now, you will pay a redemption fee to your mortgage company as you are in a mortgage product contract.

 You want to move quickly and want speed and certainty. 

 You want a guaranteed sale for several properties and want to maximize your Capital gains with a stagnated sales. 

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We believe in transparency.

To make sure we offer our clients the right option for them, we need to understand their full circumstance. Transparency is key to building trust and understanding from both our clients and Graham Howard Properties. All communication will be completely confidential and private.

We are always upfront with our intentions, and how we work and if selling to us isn’t the best option, we will direct our clients to something that may be better suited for them.

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