Considering selling your whole Property portfolio

Are you thinking ” I want to sell my property portfolio “

If your looking for freedom from the burden and stress of owning and managing your property portfolio ? We can help, we buy property portfolios!

We have helped small and large investors with their portfolios so why not get in contact.

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We can buy complete property portfolio

Sell your property portfolio to a single buyer

Property portfolio’s are not always the easiest assets to sell. In most cases investors want to cherry pick the best properties and leave you with the less desirable properties. 

Why not get in touch for a free review of the options available to you? We look to buy the complete portfolio as a whole or even buy the company (SPV) which holds the portfolio.

We are also happy to meet face to face at your convenience. During this initial consultation we like to focus on what you would like to achieve with the potential sale of your property portfolio and the best way to achieve that.

We always share our insight on potential solutions tailored to your portfolio, also explore the best way we are able to help you sell your portfolio. Normally that comes in the form of an offer from us to buy your property portfolio. Remember you are never under any obligation to sell to us, we don’t charge fees – ever.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Maximise CGT

If your looking to maximise your capital gains allowance we can put together a plan to ensure you achieve this legally. Remember we are not FSA regulated and alway recommend you seek advice from a tax/financial adviser.

We can structure a purchase agreement that will allow us to complete on a property annually or over what ever period suits you. Meanwhile we can take over the daily management of the property. 

Why Sell?

We can help


If your thinking of selling get in contact

If you have been considering selling your property portfolio then do get in contact with our team. Our highly trained team would love to help you. Even if the portfolio may have difficult properties, negative equity or geographically spread we can still offer you a cash price.   

Like our clients we value or time and always guarantee to be transport, to the point and no non-seance.  We always look to ensure whatever offer we put forward is fair and attractive to our clients. 

Property Portfolio
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With the tax changes announced in 2017 now taking effect many private investors are feeling the pinch and considering their options with many pulling out of the market. Many feel the portfolio has become a burden but understandably do not just want to give their property portfolio away.  

The portfolio can be mixed so for example some HMO properties & flats or commercial. They all do not have to be the same type of property. 

We are confident that whatever your reasons we will be able to make you a fair offer that is deliverable and works for you. 

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