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Our services are designed to provide property solutions that are practical and deliverable in the real world.

Everyone is not in the same boat

All our property solutions are different and what might be right for one person may not necessary be good for someone else. Simply selling your property may not be the right solution for you. So we have more then one string to our bow. Our property solutions are designed to ensure we have the right strings to our bow to ensure we can help really resolve your problem and not simply kick the can down the road. 

The first of our property solutions – We buy property, we can make cash offers for your property. Which means if you need to sell quickly we can act quickly & discreetly to complete on a purchase fast.
The most flexiable of our property solutions – We can take over the management of your property from you. Offering you a guaranteed rent for your property. Paid to you monthly.
One of our most powerful property solutions – Often misunderstood, purchase agreements are a solution. We agree to purchase your property from you for an agreed price at point in the future. Meanwhile we take on all the management of the property and pay you a monthly rent. Great solution for those who want to sell but also achieve the best price.
Property Solution Four – Selling a portfolio may not be as easy as you thing and selling each property one at a time can be time consuming. We buy whole portfilio’s and we can also structure deals to allow you to maximise your capital gains.
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Rent To Rent

We buy property!

Our aim is to act as fast as we can. We will provide you with a straight cash offer for your property. If you are happy and want to complete our job is to ensure we do this as quickly as possible for you. We are not estate agents and there is no commission charges or fees. 

UK House prices

With the ever increasing amount of red tape, some landlords just do not want to manage their properties any more. They rather sit back and received a guaranteed monthly income. So we rent the property. So we take on the property, manage the day to day stuff and pay the landlord their fixed guaranteed rent.  

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Purchased Agreements

Some people just want to sell but for what ever reason are simply unable to. They can not realise the properties true value due to market conditions, they are in negative equity or the property is in poor condition. So we agree to purchase the property, agree the price and when we will purchase the property (sometime in the future). Meanwhile we take on all the management of the property, pay the mortgage and pay the landlord a monthly fee for property.  

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Sounds great owning a property but selling them can sometimes be difficult. If fact most agents do not like selling portfolios they rather you sell each property on its own. That can be time consuming trying to sell one property is a lengthy process let along selling whole portfolio one property at a time. We can buy the complete portfolio one one go. 

Our team is here to help find the right property solution for you.

We are very much aware not everyone wants or should sell their property. So our team are here to help, they will always go through your case with you, ask questions to understand your situation and only then suggest a a way forward. 

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